What if you could say goodbye to your crazy mood swings, bloating and cramps?

After 15 years in clinic I want to share with you my inside tricks on how to reduce PMS and balance your hormones. 

This Masterclass will help you:

  • Identify the causes specific to your PMS symptoms
  • Chose the right foods for your PMS symptoms
  • Learn which supplements can be beneficial for you
  • Using at home remedies to reduce pain and cramping 
  • Understand which hormones drive PMS 


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Ready to have rocking hormones? Well we are here for you!

Using nutritional supplements, functional testing, natural medicines and lifestyle suggestions we will have you back on track feeling better than ever. 

We offer superior Functional Hormone Testing, this is a fabulous way to see what is driving your health and hormonal symptoms. 

Available Australia wide via online consultations.

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Our Acupuncturist Ulyana can support you with your fertility, IVF support, stress and digestion. 

Also offering facial acupuncture to improve skin tone, collagen production, wrinkles and skin detox. Packages available- buy 4 get one FREE

Health fund rebates available. 

Consulting Fridays and Saturdays.

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Hormone DUTCH Testing

Check out our advanced hormone testing options. We hear so many women being told their hormones are "normal", when there can be a huge underlying imbalance that shows up in DUTCH testing. 

Help uncover your full hormone profile by the most advanced hormone testing the the worlds, recommended by the hormone guru herself Dr Carrie Jones. 

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How we can help you

As Naturopath's, we are looking at the body like a complex puzzle. When we find what the right diet, lifestyle and supplements are for you the puzzle is solved. And you can get back to feeling YOU again!

We love using food as medicine, functional supplements, lifestyle education and empowerment to help women overcome their health concerns. Healthful offers modern functional medical testing with the best of the natural medicine industry to support every woman as best we can.

We have a passion for women's hormone health- including thyroid, stress, PMS, heavy periods, IVF support, irregular cycles, PCOS, menopause, mood disorders and post pill support. 

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Healthful Women's Wellness

For the woman that wants to feel FABULOUS and BALANCED. Providing you with Education, Naturopathic support, Acupuncture Care and Lifestyle Medicine. Consultations available Australia wide.

Located in Somerton Park, SA. 

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The Brain- Gut- Hormone Connection

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"Jacqui is a brilliant naturopath. She is thorough, innovative and fantasticly flexible. I can not recommend her highly enough."


Jacqui Watts - ATMS Accredited Practitioner


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