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Healthful Wellness is here for you, the woman that wants to feel FABULOUS and HORMONALLY balanced. Providing you with Education, Naturopathic Care and Lifestyle Medicine. Consultations available Australia wide.

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Want to know our top tips for starting your hormone balancing journey? We have you covered. 

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The Brain- Gut- Hormone Connection

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Introducing our New Naturopath Gemma!

We love supporting women's health. And our new Naturopath Gem has a love for all things health and wellness. With a special passion for helping women with stress, anxiety and auto-immune conditions such as Hashimotos and Graves Disease. 

You can find her consulting at Healthful Monday mornings and evenings as well as Tuesday evenings. When Gem isn't consulting she is staying up to date with all things health or making coconut ice-cream! Yum!


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We recently spoke with Leah to hear about her experience with Jacqui our Naturopath at Healthful Wellness


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Ready to have rocking hormones? As women we just want to feel fabulous, with balanced hormones, lots of energy and plenty of support. Well we are here for you!

Every client receives an individualised plan to help you feel better faster. Using nutritionals, functional testing,  natural medicines and lifestyle suggestions we will have you back on track feeling better than ever. Available Australia wide. 

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Want to know right now what your hormones are doing? Functional Hormone Testing is a fabulous way to really see what is going on with your health and hormones. Ranging from female hormones, thyroid testing and the DUTCH complete test you can have the advantage of having a exact download of what your health is doing right NOW.

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What is a Naturopath?

As a Naturopath, I am looking at the body like a complex puzzle. When we find what the right diet, lifestyle and supplements are for you the puzzle is solved. And you can get back to feeling YOU again!

I love using food as medicine, functional supplements, lifestyle education and empowerment to help women overcome their health concerns. Healthful offers modern functional medical testing with the best of the natural medicine industry to support every woman as best we can.

I have a passion for women's hormone health- including thyroid, stress, PMS, heavy periods, IVF support, irregular cycles, PCOS, menopause and post pill support. 

Wellness Subscriptions

Easy Payment Solutions

Installments over 12 weeks with access to all of your consults, supplements, testing included. 

We have so many testing options ranging from gut microbiome, thyroid comprehensive testing, DUTCH hormone testing, leaky gut, SIBO and more! Each subscription gives you $550 worth of testing 

You get between 3 and 4 months to use your subscription depending which package you select.  

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Health Practitioners

At Healthful we have two Naturopaths to help you get to where you want to be. 

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"Jacqui is a brilliant naturopath. She is thorough, innovative and fantasticly flexible. I can not recommend her highly enough."


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