Are you the 75% of women that experience PMS? that experience e

Healthful Hormones Masterclass Series. Now LIVE.

Balancing PMS Naturally. Online & Live Event.

with Jacqui Watts - Hormone Health Naturopath.


Are you one of the 75% of women that experience PMS?

Get out easy steps to take control of your PMS now.

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What if you could say goodbye to your crazy mood swings, bloating and cramps?

After 15 years in clinic I want to share with you my inside tricks on how to reduce PMS and balance your hormones. 

This Masterclass will help you:

  • Identify the causes specific to your PMS symptoms
  • Chose the right foods for your PMS symptoms
  • Learn which supplements can be beneficial for you
  • Using at home remedies to reduce pain and cramping 
  • Understand which hormones drive PMS 
  • Q&A time 

All registrants will receive the recording. 

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  • What foods you can increase to balance your PMS 
  • What to reduce in your home to avoid low progesterone

Welcome to our New Healthful Hormones Masterclass Series. 

Behind this desk I have the honor of educating my clients about all things health and hormones. And I want you to join me! After 14 years in clinical practice I have learnt so much. I believe education is powerful, understanding these basic principles will support you through your whole cycle, not just your PMS. 

So I created the Healthful Masterclass Series. A series of specific masterclasses on my favourite topics so you too can truly understand your hormones and what you need to do to take action and get results. 

Upcoming topics, Understanding your Hormones, How to support fertility, Managing peri-menopause, PCOS balancing, Stresss and Fatigue Disorders and so much more! 

BUY NOW for ONLY $39! Come and join me at the very first Live Masterclass!