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What not to do When Anxiety is Creeping


Anxiety can lurk or linger and sometimes it can come seemingly from nowhere. However sometimes we can be doing things in our daily routines to amplify anxiety Being able to recognise the things we shouldn’t be doing that may likely exacerbate anxiety can help with overall wellbeing.

If your anxiety is hard to get under control please talk with your GP or health professional.

Here's a few things to consider and adjust when anxiety is creeping.

Assume & Catastrophise

Why: Creating unnecessary drama that doesn’t actually exist will elevate cortisol and adrenalin which results in inflammation and internalised trauma.
What to do instead: Focus on the facts at hand, and don’t jump to conclusions or catastrophise a scenario in your mind that hasn’t happened.

Ignore Down Time

Why: You’ll feel better about yourself knowing that you put your mental health first.
What to do instead: Devote at least an hour every day for your own personal self-care. Including it in your schedule will ensure that you have the time to unwind and reset.

Go on social media

Why: Connection in real life is important, and although it may seem harmless, when you are scrolling on social media you are subjecting yourself to social comparison and also leaving yourself open to judgement and criticism.
What to do instead:
 Avoid mindless scrolling on social media platforms and make plans to catch up with a friend in real life.

Ingest caffeine 

Why: Caffeine will stimulate you ‘fight or flight’ response and can trigger anxiety attacks.
What to do instead:
 Try decaffeinated coffee, cacao, turmeric latte or herbal teas.


Why: For some just the thought of too many upcoming plans can feel overwhelming.
What to do instead:
 Keep life simple and leave gaps in your days and the week for downtime. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ or ‘I’ll get back to you’ when faced with on the spot requests to commit to an event.

Entertain Toxic relationships

Why: Toxic relationships attack your self worth and self esteem and can also leave you caught in a comparison trap.
What to do instead: Choose to spend time friends and family who bring out the best in you and lift your mood. Steer clear of gossip! If saying 'no' to catch-ups with toxic people is hard for you tell them you are busy or steer clear of events they will be at when your anxiety is fragile.

Avoid regular exercise 

Why: Exercise is actually great for anxiety as it will help with focus, clarity and self-worth.
What to do instead:
 Commit to the ‘bare minimum’. Whatever that looks like for you, just commit to one class or one walk and anything you do beyond that is a bonus.

Ignore your self-care

Why: Taking time out for some self-care allows you to be still, reflect and relax and regenerate.
What to do instead:
 Prioritize yourself and your needs. Plan or commit to activities that will elevate your mood and overall well-being.


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