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Health Benefits of Journaling

Health benefits of journaling

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important relationship we will ever have. By learning to journal, we can cultivate a healthier internal dialogue and build positive self-esteem.

Why journal?

Journaling helps us understand why we do things the way we do and what our limiting beliefs may be.

As we journal and get down to the nitty-gritty of our thoughts and behaviours we learn to remove limiting beliefs and cultivate more positive and expansive beliefs.

Journaling and your health

When you think of journaling does your mind cast back to ten year old you, doodling in a tatty paged journal filled with thoughts and dreams and tightly held secrets?

As an adult journaling looks a little different and the health benefits are pretty huge. Journaling helps us explore our inner world and observe thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that we might otherwise overlook.

In our fast-paced lives it can be hard to see negative patterns unless we learn to take the time to observe them. Journaling allows us to identify these patterns and then we can work through them and eliminate what no longer serves us.

Benefits of journaling

While you don’t need to journal daily, when you do put words to paper you can observe passing thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Journaling can help us cultivate calmness, empathy and patience and allows us to be still. It’s a form of meditation and some would also say it’s even a form of therapy.

Journaling helps us keep ourselves accountable. As we flex the accountability muscle in turn our willpower and self-esteem grows. You might even start to feel proud of your actions.

Journaling is an incredible tool to help shed light on some of our patterns. Once we recognize what isn’t serving us, we can work on changing them. Journaling can help us create new thought patterns and these will generate new emotional patterns. Pretty cool huh!

Here are a few different types of journaling options you might like to consider:

Conscious Thoughts Journal

Write down your thoughts as they happen. The words and thoughts don’t need to make sense, you’re simply capturing your thoughts in action.

To-do list
Who doesn't love crossing items of the 'to do list'? It just makes us feel calmer and more organised...and maybe a little smug. Instead of keeping a running tally of to-do items in your head, write them down.

Dream journal
Ever wake up and think 'whoa, that was an epic dream' and find yourself wondering what it means. Take note of your dreams and get those early morning thoughts down in a journal.

Food journal
If you are trying to implement new food goals, need insight into exactly what you eat in a day or just find yourself wondering what foods are setting off health sympoms then a food jounal may be of help.

Fitness journal
Keep track of your workouts so you can stay committed to an active lifestyle and kick some goals. Don't forget to celebrate when you see the progress you have made over time.

Gratitude journal
If life feels like it isn't playing fair and you feel like the odds aren't stacked in your favour then get writing in your Gratitude jounal. Before going to sleep, make a list of everything you were thankful for that day,when you look back on this you might change your perception on how good life really is.


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