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If you struggle with digesting breakfast cereals and find yourself feeling sluggish, hungry or bloated after your regualar cereal then overnight oats are a great morning breakfast option.

Oats are a weight loss-friendly brekky option loaded with extra health benefits. Did you know oats are a 'resistant starch'?

This means the starch passes through your small intestine undigested until it reaches the colon. Once there, the resistant starch becomes a food source for the good bacteria that live in your gut. This will help to keep your microbial balance healthy by providing a better ratio of "good" to "bad" gut bacteria.

The bacteria then ferment the starch into digestive acids which will aid in suppressing the appetite while also speeding up calorie-burning. That's a win-win!

OK, enjoy our Overnight oats recipe, and don't forget to personalise your oats and load them up with lots of good extras to amp up the benefits.


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