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Offering Naturopathic support, Acupuncture care, Hormone Testing, Herbal Medicine, Infrared Sauna and Craniosacral Therapy.

Meet Your Healthful Practitioners.

Jacqui Watts 
Naturopath & Director
Supporting women with Peri to Post-Menopause, Fertility & IVF Support, Endometriosis, PCOS and Fibroids, Anxiety and Depression. A special focus in DUTCH hormone testing and genetic testing.

Consulting Tuesday to Saturday.
For direct booking with Jacqui head here

Hannah McIntosh
Supporting teens, women & men with a strong focus on acne and skin health, gut health, stress, PCOS, PMS, and period complaints. Supporting clients with Metabolic Syndrome, blood sugar, inflammation, and weight management through the Metabolic Balance Program.

Consulting Tuesday till Thursday till late and Friday & Saturday  For direct bookings head here

Sharon Pitradi
Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine Practitioner
Supporting babies through to teens and adults, men and women. Specialising in babies and children's health, IVF and fertility, pregnancy, labour induction and postpartum care, and a range of women's health symptoms.

Consulting Tuesday and Thursday till late, Friday, and Saturday.
For direct bookings head here

Hayley Adams
CranioSacral Therapist 
Supporting POTS, stress and anxiety, trauma-associated symptoms, headaches and migraines, muscle tension, and sleep complaints.

Consulting Tuesday & Thursday.
For direct bookings head here 

Bec Mulqueen
Massage Therapist. 
Supporting clients with a range of massage techniques - remedial, lymphatic, cupping, pregnancy (from trimester 2), oncology, relaxation, and myofascial. Your massage therapist can tailor to exactly what you need on the day.

Consulting Thursday till late and Fridays.
For direct bookings head here 

Anna Merenda Brazilian Lymphatic Massage and Acupuncturist. 
Muscle pain, headaches, injuries, bloating, lymphatic congestion, hormone support and women's health.

Consulting Wednesdays till late and Saturdays.
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