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Budget Ideas for Catch-ups with Friends

three friends catching up on a budget

Sometimes we just want to catch up with friends but when the budget is stretched the thought of doing the usual dinner in a noisy restaurant just doesn't feel right. We crave connection and the good things that good friends can bring to a catch-up. So how do get all of that and not break the budget?

Host a Potluck Dinner Party
Invite your most fun pals to your place with their favourite dish to share! You could allocate entrée, main and dessert, a cuisine theme (how about Hawaiian or Italian?) or just wing it and have a fantastic buffet dinner! Pass the Mojitos!

Movie Marathon
Invite the crew over to binge watch your favourite movies or how about an entire TV series! Roll out as many 80s classic films that you can stay awake for or re-watch the entire first season of Sex and the City! Don’t have Netflix – be cheeky and sign up for the free trial and binge away! Don’t forget the popcorn and cocktails! PJ’s optional!

Plan a picnic
Find somewhere different out in nature and pack your favourite snacks for a lazy afternoon on a blanket in the shade! Take along a radio, some vino and your favourite friends to relax and catch up on all the goss. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Catch some Culture
Most cities have free entry to their State Galleries and Museums.  Take a look online to see if there’s any exhibitions that spark your interest, grab a pal and go soak up some culture.  Afterwards grab a coffee, take a load off and have a good old chat! Or check out the latest festival guides and book a show.

Ok, don’t let the word hiking put you off.  A slow meandering stroll is still ok. Find an awesome park, beach or trail that you’ve been meaning to check out and head out for an hour or two! Stopping for a cuppa and a rest along the way is part of the fun! Strolling the streets of your own city and discovering stuff you didn’t know was there for an urban adventure would be totally cool too!


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