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DIY Non-Toxic Yoga Mat Cleaner

yoga mat that needs a DIY non toxic clean

When you're ready to hit the pavement or the yoga mat you want your gear to be fresh and clean. While you can throw your clothes or even shoes in the washing machine, your yoga mat is another story.  Have you ever given a thought to what may be lurking on your workout equiptment and especially your yoga mat? Let's also think about ways we bring more non toxic cleaners into our lives and bless of the harmful chemicals.

Banish the bugs.

To ensure every time you roll out your mat it is clean, sanitised and smells fresh then give it a wipe down and air dry after each use. Remember, your feet and face are in contact with your mat (ewww David) so keeping it in tip top shape also keeps you in better health.

Let's go chemical free!

If nasty chemicals give you the heebie jeebies, then make up a bottle of our Non toxic sanitising spray. This chemical free spray is made using quality essential oils and is easy peasy and quick to make at home.

Bring the zen

Oh, and for extra calming vibes you can  spray this scented mix around your space pre-workout to set the mood. You can even set up a diffuser and diffuse your favourite oils to bring you into the mood needed for your session. Sometimes this can be the difference between 'Ugh I don't wanna' and 'Yass Queen, nailed it'.

Witch Hazel
Lavender Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Glass spray bottle (mix is based on 100ml, adjust according to bottle size.)

Fill your bottle with equal parts water and witch hazel. Add in 4 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of lavender oil, and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil. Shake the bottle and you’re ready to go clean with your non toxic mix.


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