Gemma Shanahan- Naturopath

Let me help you bring back balance so you can be the best version of yourself!

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Gemma Shanahan - Naturopath

Gemma brings a wealth of knowledge to the Healthful team and will listen to and really hear your story no matter how big or small. Gemma has a keen passion for herbal medicine and also flower essence therapy, which provide her with a secret weapon to really support and nurture any emotional aspects for clients that can often be missed.

Gem loves helping women of all ages with balancing their hormones, but her real passion lies in supporting and educating young women about not only hormones, but also about supporting their body as a whole.

Commonly seen in this age-group are acne, bloating, thyroid imbalances, fatigue, self-esteem issues, stress, emotional eating and menstrual cycles that are completely misbehaving. These are all indications that something is out of balance.

As your Naturopath Gemma will get down to the 'nitty gritty' and will focus on finding the underlying cause of your health issues and then provide an individualised and holistic health treatment plan to support you.

Gemma's goal is to bring back balance through her diligent questioning, pathology interpretation skills (a bit different from your doctor’s thoughts) and thorough research. No stone is left unturned when Gem is your naturopath!

Gem gained a passion for health from a young age. From growing herbs and veggies on her family farm as a child to modifying classic recipes into healthy alternatives, she has a clear love for natural health. It was her Mum who gave her the final push to go and study naturopathy. Once she started, she never looked back and knew that this was the career for her – helping and educating others to achieve optimal health.

She's pretty excited and grateful that everyday her role as a naturopath allows her to help others and watch them thrive.


When can you find Gemma at Healthful

Gemma is available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday including afternoons and evenings.

Gemma offers consultations (including evenings) in the Healthful Wellness clinic in Glenelg, South Australia and also via phone or Zoom consultation Australia wide. She's got you covered! Call (08) 7084 2366 to make a booking or click the button below.

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