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DUTCH testing stand for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. This is an at home kit for your convenience. Conducted within a certain range in your menstrual cycle or anytime for missing cycles or post- menopausally this test can uncover the why behind your symptoms giving our Naturopaths a clear picture on what areas need support first and where to focus the attention to get the quickest results.


Hormones are more than just what is circulating in our blood

Whilst blood testing can be a useful source of testing for nutrients, hormones fall into a different category. When we assess hormones through urine and saliva we uncover a whole other area in the investigation towards hormonal complaints. When we look at hormone imbalances we want to know a few things:

  1. How the hormones are being used in your body 
  2. Which pathways need support to aid either production or detoxification of hormones 
  3. How hormones are flowing on and impacting other areas in the body 
  4. Which supplements and dietary changes are suggested based on hormones found in urine

"DUTCH is a complete game changer in the functional medicine landscape, and far superior to saliva hormone testing in most circumstances."

- Chris Kresser, M.S., L.AC

Two bottles being mixed together in a hormone test

How it works


1. Initial

Select your Naturopath and make a booking.


2. Work out
optimum timing

During your initial consultation your chosen Naturopath will work out the optimum time for when you should test.


3. Follow Up

Test kits are taken home and then you send them off.  Your results are discussed with you via a Results Consultation.


This is such a beautiful clinic. Jacqui has such vast knowledge and is so helpful and sweet. She is an attentive listener and works out exactly what you need based on your symptoms and history.

The treatment has been spot on as my symptoms have basically disappeared now, just 4 months later. Happily recommend Healthful Wellness to everyone 🙂

I can highly recommend Jacqui - she is amazing at what she does! In just a few months she helped me to balance my hormones and to feel so much more healthy and balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

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