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How can I boost my immune system this winter?


Brrr, we are now well and truly into the winter season, facing the cold mornings and the cold nights.

It's a sure thing that no one likes a sniffly nose, a husky cough or anything similar. So, to help you strengthen your immune system, we have put together some information about how you can support your immune system this winter! (There might even be a recipe snuck in there).

A weakened immune system can have many health implications. In a weakened state, your immune system can fail to defend off bacteria and infection that can lead to cold and flu like symptoms.

It is important that you keep on top of our immunity (especially in the current climate of an epidemic) in effort to avoid any of these nasty colds.

Your immune system acts as an army of white blood cells that work to defend your health and dismiss potential illness. Supporting your immune system means that it is able to work effectively in inactivating pathogens and therefore preventing illness from occurring.  However, there are many factors that can play a role in the quality of your immunity.

These factors can include emotional, physical, social and environmental stresses. For example, when you are under emotional stress, whether it be sourced from over-working, or even relationship concerns, you may become more susceptible to a weakened immune system and therefore illness.

It is imperative that you take time out to reduce your stress in order to boost your immune system. It may be that you are over exercising, causing physical stress on your body. Or, it may be that you are being over exposed to chemicals in your environment or diet, putting stress on your cells excretion processes. Stress really can branch from all areas of your life, so it is important to address this aspect of your health when hoping to boost your immune system.

To get on top of your immune system this winter, you can come into clinic for some advice on various natural immunity boosting techniques! We can assist in supporting your immune system by tailoring your lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise, sleep, stress levels and even naturally derived supplements.

It may be that you are after a boost for your immune system. We can help you achieve this through consumption of nutrient boosting supplements. These may include, but are not limited to products containing; vitamin c, zinc, probiotics, herbs such as astragalus membranaceus and andrographis paniculata and also medicinal mushrooms.

If you're after an at home boost, a warming tea infusion can help do the trick. Just a few ingredients can make all the difference. We have created a soothing, immune boosting infusion that includes ginger, lemon, turmeric and Manuka honey that will have you feeling healthy and warm throughout winter.

  • Ginger contains various antioxidants that will help to fight off any pathogens.
  • Lemons also contain antioxidants known as vitamin C, a vitamin which is known to strengthen the  immune system.
  • Turmeric is traditionally known for its anti-inflammatory effects, however is also able to regulate the immune system by enhancing the activity of antibodies in inactivating pathogens.
  • Not only does Manuka honey make our immune boosting infusion taste delicious, but it also contains antioxidants that aid in antiviral action.

Click here to download the recipe!

Let's face it, there has never been a better time to get on top of your immunity! We look forward to helping you support your own health this winter :)


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