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Infrared Sauna Adelaide

Whether you need to power up or rest and wind down an Infrared Sauna has got you covered.

Infrared is a safe wavelength of light (or energy) which the body feels as heat.

Our Infrared Sauna Adelaide works by heating the body directly, warming us safely to create a cardiovascular workout on the body and at the same time removing heavy metals and toxins. When you regularly take an infrared sauna we are confident you will begin to feel better and perform better. You’ll go to sleep relaxed, and wake up refreshed and with clarity. There are so many health benefits from using our Infrared Sauna in Glenelg, which is why at Healthful we are all huge fans!

Infrared Sauna Glenelg Benefits


When the sauna raises your core body temperature, your body’s natural reaction is to sweat. When you sweat in a relaxed state, it promotes blood flow to your organs, creating a detox that starts at the cellular level and reaches the whole body.

Reduce Stress

Infrared light helps to boost natural feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine so you can have more happy days. Creating a meditative ritual around your sauna time is a great way to achieve a deeper sense of calm.

Anti Inflammatory

Infrared sauna has been shown to reduce inflammatory markers in the body. We know that inflammation affects overall health so anything we can do to reduce it we are all over!

Pain Relief

By stimulating mitochondria at a cellular level, Infrared Sauna can improve circulation, oxygenation, and healing responses to give relief to joint and muscle pain sufferers.

Immune Boost

Strengthen your immune response with an Infrared Sauna session. The heat of the sauna raises your body temperature, which triggers your cells natural immune response.


Infrared sauna activates the para sympathetic nervous system leaving us calm and relaxed, book an evening session to help you wind down.


This is such a beautiful clinic. Jacqui has such vast knowledge and is so helpful and sweet. She is an attentive listener and works out exactly what you need based on your symptoms and history.

The treatment has been spot on as my symptoms have basically disappeared now, just 4 months later. Happily recommend Healthful Wellness to everyone 🙂

I can highly recommend Jacqui - she is amazing at what she does! In just a few months she helped me to balance my hormones and to feel so much more healthy and balanced.

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