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How to Recognise Personal Growth

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Have you ever wondered if you are moving in the right direction in life? You’re more aware, conscious of making the correct choices and creating positive health and wellness changes but how do you gauge personal growth?

It’s time to give yourself the internal stamp of approval and give yourself credit for all the good stuff you’re now doing.

Here’s a few signs you’re moving in the right direction…


You’ve let go of the Sunday night anxieties and now look forward to Monday. You have less resentment and more appreciation of others in the workplace. Your brain switches off more easily once you are home. You’re nailing it!

Love & Friendship

You easily give and receive respect and trust. You have let go of toxic relationships and are surrounded by people you feel at ease around. You like spending time in your own company. Of course you do, you’re awesome!


Meal planning and mindful eating are becoming a habit and you obsess less about food fads. Go you!


You intuitively move your body because you want to and not to punish yourself for your food choices. You see the benefit physically and mentally in exercise. Your body appreciates your choices!

Internal Happiness

You’re kinder to yourself and understand that ‘done is better than perfect’. You see and feel gratitude daily and not just the big stuff, the small things now matter too. You’re now liking yourself more and not feeling weird about admitting that. Go and enjoy a mindful cuppa and celebrate that!


You are better at releasing toxic spending habits and now feel worthy of seeing savings in your account. You feel less fear around money. You’re doing so well!


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