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Pain Management, Cosmetic, IVF, Fertility & Hormone Support .


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Ulyana is an Acupuncturist who is passionate about supporting women through their IVF & Fertility journey. She is honoured to have worked alongside a Flinders Fertility trial, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience.

Ulyana specialises in women’s health, hormone imbalances, fertility, IVF support. She also help with skin disorders, chronic stress, grief and trauma, menopause, pain management digestive imbalances and cosmetic Acupuncture.

Ulyana has travelled to various locations to help strengthen her knowledge in the area of Acupuncture and Yoga.

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"I have been seeing Ulyana for about 6 years now, originally for migraine management. Since seeing her we have managed to reduce my migraines significantly and I rarely get them anymore. Ulyana has gone on to help me with hormone balance while coming off contraception, anxiety fertility, labour induction and general all over body support. I absolutely love my acupuncture sessions with her and always leave feeling lighter, refreshed and recharged."


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Ulyana is at Healthful Wellness Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It's time to book your acupuncture appointment.


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