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Why we love Ceremonial Cacao


Have you ever wondered just what the heck Ceremonial Cacao is and do you need to perform an actual ceremony? It's ok, no ceremony necessary and we will lift the veil and explain all you need to know. Are you ready? Great, let's go!

The Nitty Gritty

Cacao ceremonies are a centuries old ritual that are seen as the ultimate heart opener, and who couldn’t do with more of that! Yes please!

Ceremonial cacao is the purest form of cacao and is packed full of magnesium, Iron, Anadamine, Phenylethylamines and Theobromine…bringing all the love and bliss vibes!

It’s also high in antioxidants to help fight free radicals and has no added sugars so you won’t get that sugar spike high or crashing slumps.

All of this will help your body to heal, detoxify and give your immune system a beautiful boost. Yes please to more of that!

How to use your Ceremonial Cacao

Try a mug of ceremonial cacao in place of coffee and feel the difference. You can create your own ritual, enjoy a cup before or after hitting the yoga mat, sip as you pull cards and journal your thoughts or enjoy as part of your evening ritual. Remember, creating rituals is all about the intention and mindset you bring, so be mindful and create something beautiful for you.

Boost your Ceremonial Cacao mix.

If you want to amp up your hug in a mug then add some collagen powder (which has no taste) and your favorite adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms. Try Reiki to assist with calming your body and lowering inflammation.


Make your warm ceremonial cacao with your favorite warmed milk. If you have an electric milk frother machine, add all of your ingredients together and you will get a silky smooth consistency every time.

What’s the difference between Cacao and Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao is made from heirloom strains of Cacao from Central and South America. These Cacao trees are grown and harvested sustainably, employing regenerative agricultural practices. Above all, the people involved in bringing this Cacao to you are properly compensated and tend lovingly to their work.

Cacao powder has been processed with the cacao butter removed, this means that many living enzymes, healthy fat and most of the subtle energetic properties of cacao have been destroyed.

We use and recommend Cacao Collective and Sacred Taste


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