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Yvonne Brimson - Naturopath

Yvonne brings a wealth of knowledge to the Healthful team and is ready to help you get your health and hormones back on track. Book a FREE 10 minute discovery call with Yvonne to get your wellness journey started.


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Get to know Yvonne Brimson

Yvonne has a keen passion for  the prevention of hereditary predispositions to reduce risk factors for disease, gut health, energy and fatigue and inflammatory illnesses.

Having come out the other side of Menopause Yvonne loves helping women of all ages with balancing their hormones, but her real passion lies in supporting and educating women through Peri Menopause and Menopause, and her goal is to see women get to know their bodies better and to understand and discover the root causes of issues they are experiencing. She’s here to aid your body's pathways and get them functioning to their best capacity.


Yvonne has been working in the healthcare field for 4 decades including Naturopathy, nursing, pharmaceutical and homeopathy. Yvonne has owned her own clinic and also practiced within clinics and also held educational roles. She was compelled to study Naturopathy after seeing her mother struggle at a young age with ill health followed by breast cancer.


Having studied and practiced Natural Fertility in clinic Yvonne pulled on her knowledge when she had her first child at 38, she’s here to help women through their own fertility journey too.

While Yvonne has a high regard for lifesaving medicine she has a higher regard for preventing the necessity of this intervention and has a keen interest in DNA Nutri-genomic testing, Dutch Testing, supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes (she’s a keen label reader) and also integrative treatments to give women tip-top health inside and out.

Serve Yvonne an oat milk flat white and watch her face light up, add a cheeky slice of apple pie with custard and ice cream and she’s as happy as a clam. Everything in balance hey! When not in clinic Yvonne balances out her family life with hubby and 6 kids (5 step children) with beach walks, a body balance class and dreaming of more travel.

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